Interim Measures for recycling and utilization of packaging resources

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In order to promote the implementation of the "Green Packaging Project" for the sustainable development of our national economy and to eliminate the harm caused by packaging waste, especially "white pollution", we have formulated the "Interim Management Measures on Packaging Resource Recovery and Utilization".
The measures stipulate that the management principles for recycling and utilization of packaging waste such as paper, wood, plastic, metal and glass are: The principle of saving, the principle of reliability, the principle of anti-counterfeiting, the principle of management, but also stipulated its recycling channels, recycling methods, classification principle, storage and transportation, recycling reuse varieties, reuse technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging waste treatment and reward and punishment principle and other contents.
The "Interim Measures for the Recovery and Utilization of Packaging Resources" stipulates that the types of packaging to be recovered and reused are: Paper packaging (i.e. corrugated cartons, cardboard boxes, paper plywood, all kinds of paper bags, all kinds of paper boxes, paper paddle molding products, honeycomb cardboard products, paper pallets, etc.), wood packaging (i.e. ordinary wooden cases, frame wooden cases, plywood boxes, fiberboard boxes, wooden pallets for transport packaging, etc.), Plastic packaging (In accordance with the requirements of the competent administrative department of environmental protection under The State Council to formulate, adjust and publish the mandatory recycling catalogue of discarded plastic products, all plastic packaging or containers listed in the recycling catalogue can be recycled; Not included in the recycling catalog is prohibited recycling, according to the method of packaging waste treatment), metal packaging (that is, thin steel bucket, galvanized iron bucket, aluminum bucket, iron plastic composite bucket, etc.), glass packaging (that is, all kinds of glass wine bottles, beverage bottles, cans, medical bottles, etc.).
The methods are: original factory reuse, that is, the intact or damaged, but after repair can be reused packaging, supply the original commodity manufacturers for use; Different factories substitute, that is, the original manufacturer temporarily not use the recycled packaging, through the trial assembly, set, use different factories; Using recycled packaging as raw materials to change other products, so that the waste utilization, a multi-purpose, waste into treasure. At the same time, the original product can also be recycled, that is, the use of recycled packaging as raw materials to produce the same or different specifications of packaging products; Energy recovery is to make full use of the heat generated by incineration of packaging waste.
The treatment principle of packaging waste is: in order to strengthen the treatment of packaging waste, all large and medium-sized cities in the country should establish special recycling and processing institutions and related enterprises where conditions permit. When dealing with general packaging waste, it should be separated and classified according to its nature, implement the principle of saving resources, make comprehensive utilization or recycle treatment as far as possible, and turn over the specialized recycling and processing institutions for the implementation of treatment. The disposal of packaging waste should be timely and conform to the relevant regulations of Chinese and international environmental protection. In the storage, transportation and treatment of packaging waste, hazardous packaging waste and non-hazardous packaging waste should be separated and treated in strict accordance with their respective technical requirements. During the storage, transportation and disposal of packaging waste, effective protective measures should be taken according to the different nature of the waste to ensure the reliability of operators and prevent accidents or other hazards.
Technical requirements: non-toxic packaging waste can be disposed of by incineration. Packaging waste contaminated with explosives should be incinerated or disposed of in landfill after explosives are removed. Harmful packaging waste should be clearly marked when it is piled up, transported and disposed of. Packaging waste containing pesticides or other toxic products can only be disposed of in landfill if it is not treated harmlessly. Packing, transportation and processing of the application of special sites and facilities to prevent rain, damp, mildew, leakage, flying, leakage and produce odor and pollution.
In addition, the measures stipulate that the recovered packaging resources should be stored, cleaned, sorted, packed and other processes to avoid rain, exposure to the sun, moisture, insects and pollution; Dangerous goods packaging should be stored and transported separately. Degradable plastic packaging products and non-degradable plastic packaging products should also be stored and transported separately; Vehicles transporting recycled packaging should be kept clean and hygienic.