What are the features of the net bag? How to buy it?

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The mesh bag is mainly made of plastic and can be braided with a brush or flat thread through the appropriate equipment and then braided accordingly. The mesh bag has high strength, anti-aging, good air permeability, and is very suitable for the transportation and packaging of vegetables and fruits.

1. The net bag is well ventilated and can prevent the Onions inside from going bad and rotting.

2. It is light and flexible, which can ensure no loss caused by packaging during transportation.

3. Onion special net bag has low manufacturing cost and easy to use.

4. Large elasticity, small deformation, durable.

5. It can be recycled and green.

Net bag is widely used in Chinese agriculture. They are mainly used to hold vegetables and fruits, with good air permeability, which can prevent vegetables and fruits from rotting due to transport conflicts. The fruit and vegetable packaging in the network not only saves space, but also easy to transport, to the future transportation has brought great convenience.

Net bags are widely used in a variety of items packaging, such as polypropylene made of flat net bags. Mesh bags and round silk are considered suitable for polyethylene and knitting, and polypropylene is used as the raw material. In recent years, net bag manufacturers have been paying close attention to the research and development of new products, with bright colors, high intensity, high brightness by users. In recent years, the continuous publicity and innovation of the form of net bag can be said to emerge in endlessly, so how to choose the right quality, suitable for their own net bag?

When choosing mesh bags, attention should be paid to the color difference of the same batch of mesh bags, the same batch of mesh bags should not be obvious color difference. And there are no obvious stains on the bag, remember to look at the edge of the bag. Good mesh bag edge should not be irregular concave and convex shape, but should be flat, no obvious error. There can be nothing in the net bag with or without a needle, and the two next to each net bag promise not to be adjacent to each other.


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