Plastic woven bags are widely used in industrial and agricultural product packaging

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At present, due to product resources and price problems, there are 6 billion woven bags used in cement packaging in China every year, accounting for more than 85% of the bulk cement packaging. With the development and application of flexible container bags, plastic woven bags are widely used in Marine and transportation packaging industrial and agricultural products. In the packaging of agricultural products, plastic woven bags have been widely used in aquatic product packaging, poultry feed packaging, livestock farm cover material, crop planting shading, windproof, hail shelter and other materials. Common products: feed woven bags, chemical woven bags, putty powder woven bags, urea woven bags, vegetable mesh bags, fruit mesh bags, Baoding Jiuwang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of vegetable mesh bags fruit mesh bags, with excellent quality and humanized service in the mesh pouch industry has been moving forward.