Plastic mesh pouch pouch flat wire, split film wire production technology

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Only after dividing into wire billet wire. The auxiliary raw materials of mesh bag production of flat silk are mainly master calcium filler, colorant, color master and other modifiers. Lubricants, etc. The main equipment for producing flat or split film wire is wire drawing machine. The auxiliary equipment is the mixing machine, and the process flow of producing split film wire is basically the same as that of producing net bag flat wire. Add a webbing process. The main raw material for the production of mesh bag flat wire or split film wire is polypropylene PP and sometimes high density polyethylene linear polyethylene or blend. Such as antioxidants. Waste recycling equipment, etc.
The main process indicators are: extruder temperature pressure. The production process of cooling, flat wire or split film wire is the key and complex process in plastic weaving. Flow control. Tensile, heat treatment, shaping, temperature control, flat wire drafting ratio, relative breaking force, elongation at break control, output, energy consumption, output ratio control. It is melted into a thin film by an extruder. The flat wire is produced by stretching orientation. The production process of the flat wire of the plastic mesh bag is composed of raw materials and auxiliary materials. The film is cooled. The process of producing braided cloth by winding these flat wires around a bobbin to form a spindle and then sending it to the braiding process.